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14-3. 2nd quarter, tj hayden fell down. going for cooper. 21-3 eagles. the raiders respond. ensuing drive, jennings, 8 start 20-10, now, before the first half ended the eagles would pack it on. plenty. wide open, 4th touchdown pass so far. eagles to the 28,-13 lead. davis, expressionless. now, the raider comeback would be without that man, mcfadden. hamstring again. back to work. jenkins fell down, jackson entered the end zone. jason defense just gutted by the 24-year-old quarterback. record-setting day. here is his 3rd to riley cooper. the 7th touchdown pass that ties an nfl record. raiders blown out by the eagles, 49-20. and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable. i don't know. it is like when you are feeling the 3-pointer or whatever you are doing, you know, you get into a rhythm. >> i got a lot of confidence in the defense. i think it is a good defense, okay? >> we had a bad day. that happens, happens to everybody. you go out and you do what you are capable of doing and that is what happens. that is an old fashioned butt whipping. >> the only quarterbacks to throw seven touchd
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1